10 advices for choosing and customizing your bathroom furniture

consejos para elegir mueble de baño

Furniture is an essential piece in our bathroom. We use it every day and several times, so paying attention to it when designing or renovating your bathroom will be key to achieving what you are looking for. That is why today we give you 10 tips when choosing custom bathroom furniture and things you should take into account.

What are you needs

First of all, take a moment to think about the use we are going to give to the bathroom, to see what needs may arise in order to adapt to them. It is not the same a guest bathroom used occasionally where there is no need for a large space than the day to day or the one for the little ones in the family. A good analysis is basic before starting to work.

The space you have

The space available will allow you to decide among the different uses of the bathroom (occasionally, daily, family…). Large space permits longer furniture, with more storages and eventually put two sinks instead of one. Meanwhile, small spaces demand other solutions. Because it is customized, the model chosen can be modify to fit in the available space keeping the comfort and originality. For these situations the key resides in a proper mirror that enlarges the room and a suspended furniture to gain space.


Where to put it is also important. Either you begin from scratch or you modify the way it was so far, try to find those possibilities that better fit regarding your want. Furniture with shelves on the longest walls may be the best solution for narrower bathrooms. The type of light, certainly if it is natural, may be have its impact when arranging all the elements.


As soon as you have a clear picture, take measurements of everything in order to adapt the furniture to your needs. At this point, the advice of the professional that will carry out the installation is highly recommended.


There is no limit to the possibilities when making your bathroom to measure.  Green, blue or pink lacquers for a bathroom focus in color as protagonist; natural woods to give a more Nordic or classic style. Marbles provide a more sophisticated look, or even materials like “Compact” may simulate the natural stone.


Your bathroom is not only made up of the furniture. As it is custom made, you can play with combinations following same stile like columns for storage, towel rails, mirrors or even shower trays.

Need for storage

Storage may one of the most important elements to take into account before deciding the bathroom furniture. For the main bathroom in the house, you will need place to keep for everything you use in a daily basis. Furniture with big and large drawers will allow a better organization than shelves. Even if visually, they are beautiful, think in other factors such if you want everything in sight or you prefer in columns to get more space.



Once installed, the maintenance will depend on the material chosen. Materials such as “Solid Surface”, the use of hot plates or other devices will not damage the countertop. For natural woods, chemical products should not be used, a simple soft dry cloth works as well.


To change the look of your bathroom, sometimes is not possible to do it all at once. Minor changes and something standard can give you a completely new look. If you are looking for something new and you have been waiting for the right moment, in that case do not hesitate for the custom bathroom you have been thinking of.

Right provider

This is the final decision that will make your chose be considered the good one. To work with the right dedicated professionals committed to the realization of custom furniture will allow you an adequate support along the procedure, not only to shape your ideas, chose the combinations and providing advice, but also the best client attention.


If you have finally decided to make your bathroom furniture to measure and you need ideas, get inspired by all our collections. If you need more information, contact us and we will help you with whatever you need.


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