Three different bathrooms in the same house that will charm to you


When we think about our future house or flat, one of the first things we think about is the space we have and how we are going to make the best use of it. Bathrooms are an unconditional part of this space, and they are increasingly becoming true temples of well-being. An intimate space where you can relax and be pampered.


In this month’s article, we present three bathrooms that are part of a couple’s new home, each with its own personality. 

And ideal bathroom for guests

When we have several bathrooms in the house, there is always one that is strategically located for visitors to the house (or at least we try to). This is the guest bathroom and its space always meets similar requirements. These are usually the smallest ones, as the important thing is not so much the size as having everything necessary for comfort at the right time. Cleanliness is another essential point. The chaos of products, hair straighteners, toothbrushes… we leave it to the essentials, seeking cleanliness and comfort with few elements. Storage, if there is any, should also be discreet and not the main feature.

Pink chevron wall tile combined with wood

A touch of colour in the bathroom is a trend for 2022. However, if you’re one of those risk-averse people, soft tones like light pink combined with wood will always be a hit. Warmth and harmony are the result of combining elements with a chic and casual aesthetic. 

Two Nude wooden shelves

As we mentioned earlier, when it comes to a guest bathroom, storage is not one of the most important aspects. Instead, we are looking for space and cleanliness with just the right amount of storage. For this, we chose our Panama model in Nude veneer wood with a thinner bottom shelf that serves as a space for towels. 

White accessories

Although we are used to seeing white washbasins on counters, the option of white taps is not so common, usually opting for chrome, gold or black mixers. With Grizasa’s matte white, large-format option, all three elements are brought together, making the furniture and wall covering stand out even more.

Trendy round mirrors

One of the latest trends in mirrors is the maxi size mirror and the leather hanger. Our model with white leather frame and strap follows the previous line and blends in.


Details to give your bathroom the finishing touch

One of the disadvantages of a courtesy toilet is that it can feel empty. One option to dress them up, without overloading them, would be pictures, baskets or, as seen in this case, a wooden towel rack that we love.

A second bathroom, designed for children

This second proposal is located on the upper floor. With a larger space than the previous one, we can see a different aesthetic and a distribution that reminds us more of a young and Nordic style bathroom.   


The wood effect floor and the blue geometric patterned covering give the bathroom that vitality that makes it original and practical.

A chest of drawers style bath furniture

Yes, the design of our New Vintage model could very well be used for a sideboard in a living room or a chest of drawers in a bedroom. But in this case, it is 100% designed for the bathroom. Its simple lines in wood and white with Viefe’s brown leather handles make it easy to combine and, above all, practical with its large storage capacity. The side module also allows you to play with it and place it on the left, right or in the center of the cabinet.

Touches of wood and chrome

The same sleek shapes are used for the accessories. New vintage wooden mirror with a frame on which space can be saved for accessories such as scented candles or air fresheners. Monochrome taps from Grizasa next to our Fogus washbasin, a model that stands out for its shallow depth but wide width, so you gain space and comfort when you have a wash.

For the shower, also a single-lever mixer tap in chrome, combining it with blue and white. Finally, the decoration will always give the final touch to the room. In a bathroom like this, with soft tones and no natural light, adding touches of green with small plants will be a great success.

Earth and black tones for the main bathroom

In the main bathroom “suite”, earth tones and black dominate the room, giving it a sober and elegant look that reinforces this “natural” effect thanks to organic elements such as wood, marble and stone effect, as well as the sand colour of the wall covering. A set of elements that also become more important with natural light.

Custom-madre bathroom furniture

Although it may seem that our furniture looks too much like Nordic or Kubic, it is a 100% custom-made combination. The first thing we took into account was that the main bathroom is the one that usually needs the most storage. For this reason, we opted for two larger, double-height top drawers inside and two bottom ones with a push system, so that only handles were needed for the top two, giving it the appearance of a top drawer from the outside. To achieve the separating effect, two open black shelves were placed in the center

A different and original washbasin

The Loop washbasin was chosen for its combination of white and black Marquina marble with strong veins. The washbasin has a great depth and is characterised by being semi-recessed and is available in different colours: black, pearl grey, pink, indigo, olive, vogue green and havana.

A relaxing shower

More and more, shower technology is evolving, making it possible to have real spas inside the house.  One detail we particularly like about this model is the soap dispenser. Although we think this is a hotel solution, it is also a good option if you want to save space or if you don’t have shelves to leave your shampoos. 

All in black

To finish with the details of this bathroom, all the accessories have been chosen in matt black, which gives the whole ensemble unity: Grizasa taps, screen with black profile, Viefe handles, and our Venus mirror with black frame. Oval mirrors continue to be a trend this season, and for this room they are the element that breaks the straight lines of the whole ensemble.

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