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In this article we would like to give you a more in-depth presentation of the products of our Meir taps, recently arrived in Spain and France by Bonalife.

Shared values

Its exclusive designs worked with care and exquisiteness are the ideal complement for each of our furniture, where quality and functionality are also shared characteristics that always seek to offer the best for our customers.

Models adapted to any need

Wall-mounted single-lever mixers with short or long faucet, with two different ways of adding the diverter, or with a more original and romantic design in the shape of a cross.

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You can find shower heads in different sizes (20, 25 and 30cm) and wall or ceiling-mounted shower arms depending on the needs of your room.

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Subtle and elegant hand-held shower heads for both shower and bathtub.

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A wall spout that has it all: minimalism and delicacy in two sizes (20 and 13cm).

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Single lever mixers with straight or curved spout, depending on the aesthetics you want to achieve, and with a greater or lesser height depending on the chosen basin.

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Options for your kitchen and laundry room. With a rounder or more rectangular design with curved edges, both options are ideal for larger basins or sinks.

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Freestanding bathtub mixers. Two designs that you will love so that you can enjoy your freestanding bathtub.

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Accessories. When it comes to completing our bathroom, we always have to take into account all the elements that form part of it. With Meir you will be able to unify the whole set by having the finishes available for towel rails of different sizes, toilet brush, paper roll holder, towel hook, siphon, click clack valve, and even flexible hose.

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Style without compromising space

Sets to choose from. Up to more than 50 combinations already created with all the above elements for both bathtub and shower to adapt to the needs of any bathroom and facilitate the final choice in your projects.

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Quality finishes

Starting with the Meir Matte Black range, whose design is manufactured with a reinforced galvanized finish, which makes it more difficult for scratches to occur in a product where this is usually one of the concerns when opting for it. Even so, it is always necessary to follow the cleaning and use advice to ensure that it lasts over time.

If you are wondering what electroplating is, it is a process that uses electric current to dissolve the metal and form a metallic coating that is more resistant than powder coating. It is applied to all Meir products. As mentioned above, it is more durable, but not scratch-proof, and following the usage and care advice is important.

For the Champagne finish the same process is used as above.

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Following on from the Gold and Metal PVD finishes, this is a high-strength physical vapor deposition coating. PVD produces a thin film and coating around the product that is similar to titanium, making it ideal for domestic or commercial use.

Both our gold and champagne finishes feature a brushed look with black highlights, ideal for matching wood and marble for a sophisticated look. Its anti-fingerprint technology also makes the product look better.

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On the other hand, the products finished in Metal, achieve a unique personality and character due to its striking mix of charcoal grey and rustic blue to achieve its tonality.

And finally, an indispensable classic, Chrome, a polished finish with a hard, shiny surface that makes it resistant to wear and tear and perfect for combining in any type of room.

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Tips for caring for your products

If you want to achieve a long life, it is important to follow a series of simple tips when cleaning your taps:


  • Do not use chemical or abrasive products such as hydrochloric acid, bleach, ammonia, sulphuric acid.
  • Do not use materials with a rough surface such as scouring pads or adhesive tape that could scratch the surface.
  • A soft cloth with warm soapy water will keep the finish in good condition. Also dry and polish the product with a soft cloth.
  • It is advisable to clean our products regularly to avoid limescale deposits due to water evaporation, especially if the water has a lot of limescale.

Designed for water efficiency and water conservation

All Meir products are certified under the Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) and work closely with government regulators in various countries such as the UK, Malaysia, South Africa and Australia to provide workable solutions to the global water problem.

The colors and photos in this newsletter are indicative of reality. Source Meir Australia.

Download the catalogue in our private area for rates and compositions. If you need more information, you can contact us without obligation at or call us on +34 964 52 75 74.

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