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When choosing the mirror(s) that will be part of your bathroom ensemble, it is important to consider the available space, size, design and features.


In today’s article, we present a selection of mirrors from our catalogue and customized options with Bonalife to inspire you.

The mirror as the protagonist

If you want the mirror to be one of the elements, or even the element that stands out the most in the bathroom, the customized options will always allow you to use your creative side to come up with ideas and give you the opportunity to make the most of every centimeter to integrate it as you wish.

XL Mirrors

For bathrooms that have enough space and where you are also looking for a greater sense of space, custom maxi mirrors will allow you to play with the combination of furniture and the way they are put together to achieve the desired result.



One option is to choose a semi-circular pattern attached to the furniture that is equal to or slightly shorter than the length of the furniture.



When choosing such a combination, two factors should be taken into account. The backlit effect will always give it that majestic and ideal touch to make it the protagonist, while at the same time providing a source of light to the room. If you choose this option, remember that you must leave a space to include the entire LED structure. On the other hand, opt for mixer taps and consider the opening of the handle when using them.

Mueble Cannage con encimera en Terrazo Black. Grifería Meir. Espejo a medida

Combined XL mirrors

If you want to add another combination to the previous proposal, you can combine it with mirrors that extend both in width and depth. A very customized option like this one incorporates the semi-circular mirror and a floor mirror that doubles as a standing mirror. The oval shape at the top provides the touch that brings it all together.

Mueble Nepal con encimera mármol Negro Marquina. Lavabo tipo Bol. Espejos a medida.

Half moon

Romantic and elegant, if you’re looking to lie back and get the effect of greater height without taking up too much wall space, this is the ideal option for that, as well as for fitting into bathrooms of less than a square meter. Choosing it with backlighting will give it a touch of warmth and privacy if you want extra lighting.


When it comes to lighting, which is a key factor when designing or renovating a bathroom, it is important to know what atmosphere you want to achieve. Our mirrors all come with 6,000K light as standard, but it is possible to change the color between 3,000K, 4,000K and 6,000K at no extra cost.

Mueble Cannage con encimera Compact Calacatta. Espejos a medida.

Mirror with pole

Mirrors with a pole are currently in vogue as a room divider when the bathroom is open to the bedroom. They add verticality and personality depending on the combination chosen. They can be round or oval, in black or gold profiles and with a mirror on both sides or only on one side. You choose according to your needs.

Mirror with double tint

If, on the other hand, you want a mirror in a more common format, such as the rectangular mirror, but you want to make a difference, this is another of our options. Elegance and sobriety that combines the normal mirror with a brown grilled glass strip. The fringe option can be placed in different parts of the mirror and in different sizes.

Mueble Tokyo en nogal y cristal ahumado. Encimera mármol negro marquina y lavabos semi encastrados Loop. Grifería Meir.

Moving on to another range of mirrors that are more standardized in size, here are five ideal options to choose from.

Mirror curved and colored

Curved shapes and customization are also in vogue in the mirror format. With our Unique model, you can change the color of the frame to suit the space you want to design. It will bring a chic and original touch.

Mueble Elva con tiradores dorados. Encimera Compact Terrazo.

ROUND Mirrors

This is a good classic. And as a good base, it will always be a safe, beautiful and comfortable value. In all sizes, with the possibility of adding a frame and a color or without a frame, backlit or to play with sconces… The possibility of combining it with other round mirrors of different sizes and in different positions will also add dynamism and playfulness to the room. Round models in our catalogue: Olivia, Leather, Cosmos, Moon, New Lumix, Zahara)

Mueble Tokyo en nogal y cristal ahumado. Encimera mármol negro marquina y lavabos semi encastrados Loop. Grifería Meir.

Oval (or its irregularly shaped version)

Oval mirrors (among our models we find the Oval, the Venus and the Sphera) are gaining more and more ground. The possibility of making them to measure and extending their verticality allows interesting and risky options. They are ideal both for bathrooms with a single piece of furniture and for large bathrooms with two mirrors.

All about technology

Smart mirrors are becoming more and more common and are an option to consider if you are looking for more comfort to enjoy your time in the bathroom.


With time, with a built-in or magnetized magnifying glass, with a touch on/off sensor, a Bluetooth proximity sensor, anti-fog or LED light intensity change… All of these options are available and apply to the Gamma, Monique, Lily, Smyle, Zahara and Geminis mirrors in our catalogue.

Mueble Elva nogal con tiradores cromados y lavabo Krion.

Not forgetting the wall lights. An option that will allow you to add an extra charge if your mirror does not yet have an LED light or if you prefer to be able to remove it and add it whenever you want.

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